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Before I started learning to program I did a lot of reading on what my options where and what I should expect. After months of pondering I finally decided on going the coding bootcamp route. While I’m glad I enrolled when I did, because I was gifted with amazing teachers and classmates. I would of enrolled sooner if I knew a few things in advance. So if you’re considering or currently learning how to program and are looking for tips to help better guide you consider the following.

Addressing Some Concern You May Have

As someone who made a career change from HVAC to programming, I…

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I’ve only just recently began to learn how to code in CSS during my own independent studies and it’s been really fun. One thing that wasn’t initially clear to me was why there are so many different units, and what the difference between them are. I’d like to take this time to just run you through a quick summary of some of the more useful length units I learned about while reading through MDN Web Docs and W3 Schools.

Absolute Units

When it comes to absolute units the most important thing to remember is they do not change. Their values are predetermined…

I love Vscode, straight out of the figurative box you get an array of dev tools preparing you for pretty much anything. It’s intelli-sense, built in git, run and debug make this free-ware source code editor an ice cream sundae with all your favorite toppings. The cherry that tops this sundae off is Vscode’s personalization.

Vscode with default setting.

If you’ve never really taken the time to get to know vscode, you’re set up probably looks a little something like this. It’s the default theme “dark+ (default dark)” and default file icon theme “seti (visual code file)”. These are fine to use as is…

“OOF is typically used as an interjection, to express pain, surprise or discomfort.”—

As someone who has recently hit their quarter life milestone, I’ve oof-ed more times than I’d like to admit. So much so that I’ve somewhat come to enjoy a good oof. With each oof, came a struggle, challenge, or scenario that forced me out of my comfort zone. These experiences gave me the opportunity to become better. Recently, this has been especially true when I decided to make a career change and learn to code. …

Have you ever found great pleasure from overcoming a difficult challenge? I know I have. For me, it’s especially true when solving a puzzle or finding a solution to a problem. For that very reason, I decided to write my first blog post about a coding challenge from Codewars and run you through my thought process.

A quick synopsis of the challenge, you must write a method that takes in an integer as an argument. The method must put out a string, in a human readable time format. This means that it must be grammatically correct to pass this kata…

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